Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back To Writing

We started back with IEW writing two weeks ago, and I must say that I was really surprised with how much my kids retained!
I was so intimidated by this program a few years ago, but now I'm sold!!

We did not practice writing over the summer (I know, I know...we got busy with summer stuff!).  

We jumped right back into class (remember, my friend Michelle is teaching the kids) and there was no fighting (that happened our first few weeks last year) and they knew exactly what to do.  

It's amazing how much their writing improved over such a short time.  

Their key word outlines are better, their grammar is improving (I use their rough drafts to see what we really need to put more focus on) and they are so proud of what they are doing!

Now, we started small last year (with the last section of PALS) but I think that was good for us.  It really gave them the basics without too much pressure.  Michelle suggested starting there and I'm glad we did.  Wyatt thought it was silly at first, but then he realized that he had a lot to learn!  We struggled with some difficulties with one of the kids early one (dyslexic tendencies, late reading) and so the writing process wasn't a big focus.  

Now we're on to Student Writing Intensive Level A.  I'm excited to see how much they improve this semester, and I'm pretty sure their confidence will only grow!  

Maybe I'll upload their first paper last year and then the last one this year--that would be a wonderful comparison!

What do you use for writing?