Friday, July 25, 2014


Why is it every year this sneaks up so quickly? 
 It doesn't help that school is barely out before stores are stocking shelves with notebooks, pencils, backpacks, and such.

Our plan had been to school through summer, but that didn't happen (hardly ever does). 
I ended up setting some goals for each kid to accomplish by the time we start our new school year, and that's going well.
For the older two it is mainly to learn all of the states and capitols.
  They are doing great thanks to Sheppard Software.  I love this site.
Mason also plays on this site, strengthening his letters and numbers, as well as some basic math skills.

I also grabbed a new Hooked On Phonics kit from the library.  It's okay--I didn't love HOP when I first used it with Wyatt, but it's a good supplement and the newer ones are more fun.

We're trying to soak up some of the nice, cooler days and hoping to get started with day one of school on August 4th.  Starting early so we can take plenty of days off through the year!

When do your kids start school?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Montana Part 2

These are just some of my favorite pictures from around our cabin!

Can you see the little "gopher" in the picture above?  Pretty sure these were prairie dogs (or a type).  They were cute, but apparently a big nuisance for ranchers.

Pretty sure he is contemplating the perfect spot for his cabin!

This little deer would visit us every morning and evening!

Montana Part 1

Ben and I had the amazing opportunity to spend a week in Montana from July 9-16.  
I have a lot of pictures to share (I don't claim to be a professional, but I tried to get some decent ones!).
I'm going to break our trip down into a few different posts to make it easier to follow!

We arrived around 3pm on the 9th, and by the time we grabbed groceries and made it to our cabin in Rock Creek, we were pretty excited and I didn't think to take out my good camera (so most of my pictures are on my phone!).

We stayed at the Valley Of The Moon cabin on Rock Creek, and it was wonderful!  A quaint little cabin attached the main cabin, and our hosts were so accommodating and fun!  They were full of suggestions for things to see and do!

Valley Of The Moon is a historical property.  Theodore Roosevelt and Louis L'Amour are just two famous people to stay here!
Rock Creek runs through the property, and since dark doesn't hit until 10pm Ben had plenty of fishing time in the evenings!

Our next day was full of fishing along the Bitterroot River with a guide service.  Again, all pictures are on my phone (didn't want to chance dropping the good camera in the water).

On Friday we headed out early and did some exploring.  We ended up at a little spot along the Blackfoot River.  The fishing wasn't great, and we left when a family with kids showed up and started splashing around (not conducive to good fishing).  It certainly was pretty, though!

We drove along a mountain highway for about 40 minutes and ended up at the cutest little town ever--Ovando, MT.  Population of around 70!
"Main Street" was a little dirt road, and the town consisted of a General Store, Museum, Fly Shop, and a restaurant called The Stray Bullet (we had lunch here--it was a cozy little place with great food).
It's also a stop on the "Lewis Minus Clark Expedition".  


The owner of the fly shop suggested a good fishing spot, so we trekked into the (very remote) wilderness to this little place.  I was a bit nervous the whole time, seeing as there were bear warning signs everywhere and we had no bear spray!! 
It was beautiful and very peaceful, though!

Our day ended back at our cabin with Ben fishing and me enjoying a book!