Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cutting Back

Do you ever just feel so overwhelmed that you want to hide in your house and do nothing at all?

That's sort of where I've been lately.  I feel like I can't say no, I find myself volunteering for stuff so that I can make others happy, and I just feel drained.

It just so happens that for my birthday I was given this book, and at church our pastor has been doing a sermon series using this book.

I have been taking an "inventory" of what is replenishing my soul (and my family) and what is draining.
Now, by draining I don't mean that it's a bad thing to be involved in.  I just mean that it's not a good thing for ME and my family.  It's likely not somewhere God wants us right now.

I have prayed and decided that for now, we need a break from our homeschool co-op.  I love the people, I love what we've gained from it (many friends and a lot of confidence), and I love how much we've grown there.  We just need a break.  So we're taking a semester off.
This was such a hard decision to come to, but it's right.  For now.

I'm also learning to re-arrange my schedule so that we only have appointments on a certain day of the week.  No more running all week to random things.

Ben and I are making date night a priority, even if it's just twice a month.  I'm working to plan at least one fun "family night" once a month.  We need these things.

Just these small (yet big) changes are going to make a big difference for us.
Also, if I tell you "no" when you ask something, it isn't because I don't want to.  It's because I just don't need to.