Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner

So it looks like we'll be home alone for Thanksgiving this year.  

My dear friend Judy mentioned a deal yesterday, and at first I thought 
"nah, we shouldn't do that on Thanksgiving!"
My next thought was "Ben will never go for it".

But, I decided that it's a wonderful idea, and Ben agreed!

So, this is what we'll be doing for Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Stuff

I seriously cannot believe that it's almost Thanksgiving!  Less than two weeks away!!!

Other than the freak snowstorm a few weekends ago, it's been unusually warm here.  
That means it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving time much at all!

But, I've been loading up my pinterest boards with yummy recipes and craft ideas for the kids...


Sweet Potato Cupcakes!!!!

Isn't this shirt so cute?? I hope I can find time to make it!

I did something similar to this one year and it turned out so nice--maybe I'll try it again!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

On My Toes

I love this little boy so much!  
He has been so very different that the other two kids.  

You never know what he'll get into next (found him with a bag of Oreos--pictured above).

Today I took the kids to a park and Mason fell about 7 feet off of a playground, landing on his arm/side.  Only by God's protection did he not break that arm, or anything else.  
After deciding that a trip to the ER would be a bit much, I rushed to the doctor's office.  
Fortunately he is fine, but going to be sore.  

Funny thing the doctor said--he's a boy and there will always be a battle between logic and hormones.  The hormones will almost always win.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Grace!!

Today our sweet Gracie Lou is 11 years old!!   
I really don't know how in the world that is possible??

Over the past 2 months we've gotten to spend a lot of time with Grace and it has made
me so happy to see what a beautiful, sweet girl she has grown into.  

  I can honestly say that I have never 
been around a more polite, obedient child than Gracie Lou.  
She is such a good role model for Natalie and will be one for Elizabeth, too.

One of the toughest things in my life has been to watch her grow
up from so far away.  I would have given anything to have these two 
spend their days together.

Happy Birthday Gracie Lou!!!!  
We love you so much and miss you tons!!
Please stop growing so fast.  I am NOT ready for you to turn 12!!!!