Thursday, October 7, 2010

I've had my cpap for over a week and I don't think it's successful...yet.  I had a hard time with the first mask, switched it for a different one, and now I've gone back to the first one.  I switch them up some but use that one the most.
It's so hard to get used to sleeping with.  I don't keep it on long enough during the night--I'm taking it off in my sleep :(
Mason hasn't been sleeping well so that doesn't help.  
Last night I took some Melatonin to help me fall asleep--apparently it was a high dose and I won't be taking that again any time soon!  It knocked me out!!  I was glad that Grammy was here to get up with the kids this morning since I couldn't get out of bed!  
I'm still praying that I'll see a change soon!!

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  1. Oh that's frustrating!!! I was really hoping that you would be feeling fantastic by now. Stick with you, somehow people are able to do it. Although I think it would be terribly hard to get used to :( Sorry it's been such a pain. I'll specifically pray that you'll get some good sleep tonight.