Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Pictures

I scanned in some more pictures from the day we got married!
We didn't exactly have a wedding, but we didn't really elope either.  We like to say we "got hitched"!
The day before we had packed up and left MS (our stuff had been moved by the military a few weeks before).  On our way to MD we stopped in Gatlinburg with a few (important) family members and "tied the knot"!  We stayed 2 nights in Gatlinburg, spend a few days with a close friend nearby, and then stayed in Williamsburg for a few more days!  
I think we are both so thankful that we chose Gatlinburg to get married.  Not only did we save a lot of money, but we just love the area and it's one of our favorite places to vacation!

with my parents
Ben's parents

 with my niece Grace--hard to remember her being so small!
with Grace, my sister, and cousin Sarah

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