Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back On Track

I fell off of the "clean eating" bandwagon around Thanksgiving.  I now have 10 pounds of "Holiday Cheer" that I need to offload, and to be honest I need to go lower than my original goal 3 years ago (was it really that long ago that I started working on this issue??).  

I have done fairly well maintaining my weight for the last 2.5 years.  I tend to play around with 10 pounds here and there, but I always get it back off.  This time I'm going for about 10-15 more, so we'll say that I'm working to lose 25 pounds.  Give or take a little. 

 I don't like that I have to continue working to keep the weight off, but I have come to terms with the fact that this will be a lifelong journey.  If I stick with the lifestyle changes and stay one step ahead of the nasty enemy, it will be much easier!

This is my "plan".  These are things that I know will work for me and they are realistic.  I will likely mess up sometimes, but that's okay.  I'll pick myself up and keep going!  

*I'm going to cut out all grains and refined sugars.  I will allow myself stevia and a limited amount of coconut sugar.  

*I will be trying out the Trim Healthy Mama plan (waiting on my book) but again, no sugars or grains and very little dairy.  I have had a few of the recipes from the book and they are good!  

*I'm going back on my SuperMom vitamins.  These are awesome and I really had a much easier time losing weight while taking them. Maybe a coincidence, but I do know that I feel great while taking them.

*Drink 1/2-1 bottle of Kombucha a day.  I love this stuff so much.  I make my own but also drink this brand when I'm out of my stuff.

*Track my foods using an app.  I won't necessarily be "counting calories" but I do need to journal what I'm eating.  

*PLAN MY MEALS!!!  Going into the day without a plan is a recipe for disaster.
*100 ounces of water a day.  Ideally you want to drink 1/2 your body weight in water each day (converted to ounces, of course!).  100 ounces isn't 1/2 my body weight.  It's just an amount that I aim for.

*Get back to taking a probiotic again.  The Kombucha is full of probiotics but I am going to take another one as well.

*30 minutes at the gym, 3 times a week.  This doesn't sound like much to some, but again--setting realistic goals.  I'll build up to more.  If I take a class then it will add extra time.

*Last but certainly not least, PRAY!!!  This will always be an important part of my battle.  It's a spiritual one for me--the enemy knows that food is my weakness and he uses it against me.  I may re-read Made To Crave as well.

Hopefully I can keep my progress updated here weekly...I'll do my best!!

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