Friday, July 25, 2014


Why is it every year this sneaks up so quickly? 
 It doesn't help that school is barely out before stores are stocking shelves with notebooks, pencils, backpacks, and such.

Our plan had been to school through summer, but that didn't happen (hardly ever does). 
I ended up setting some goals for each kid to accomplish by the time we start our new school year, and that's going well.
For the older two it is mainly to learn all of the states and capitols.
  They are doing great thanks to Sheppard Software.  I love this site.
Mason also plays on this site, strengthening his letters and numbers, as well as some basic math skills.

I also grabbed a new Hooked On Phonics kit from the library.  It's okay--I didn't love HOP when I first used it with Wyatt, but it's a good supplement and the newer ones are more fun.

We're trying to soak up some of the nice, cooler days and hoping to get started with day one of school on August 4th.  Starting early so we can take plenty of days off through the year!

When do your kids start school?

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