Monday, July 26, 2010


So we had the great idea to go camping this past weekend.... a weekend that i'm pretty  sure saw record high temps.  When we got to the site on Friday afternoon the temp was around 86, but the humidity was outrageous!!!  We were sweating so badly, and it really did feel like I was back in MS!  

The kids were more hands-on with getting the tent set up this time, which they both enjoyed!

Mason spent most of his time playing in the dirt and mulch! 
Then our friends got there and the fun really began!  The kids ran and played and had a blast!

We were soooo hot...almost to the point of not being able to enjoy ourselves (I said almost!!).  None of us slept wonderfully that night, and I was so relieved that everyone was in agreement that a second night camping just wasn't going to happen!!

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