Saturday, February 12, 2011

Breaking the Bank

I had to break open the change jar today and head to the laundromat.  Not.  Fun.
Just over a week ago our washing machine started giving us an error code telling us that the drain line was clogged.  We have (or Ben has!) cleaned it out numerous times and it's still acting up!
So in one week's time I've managed to get 3 loads of laundry done. 
That isn't good, especially since I was already backed up on laundry from being sick the week before.
SO...this morning I got tired of looking at it all so I sorted everything, loaded it into my van, and went to the laundromat.  
 I was able to fill 9 washing machines before I ran out of coins and cash!!  I had 2 more loads that I just brought back home. 
That was not fun!!!  
My plan is to have Ben help me bring it all home, then we are going to sort, fold, and fill a bag for Goodwill!!!

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  1. What??? So what are you supposed to do with an error code on a washing machine??? Whenever mine kicks the bucket I was thinking about getting a fancy shamcy one, but now I'm re-thinking that.