Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vacation Part 1

We're home from our trip to FL and are trying to get unpacked and back into the swing of things!  Hopefully I can get all of our pictures posted over the next few days.  I'm suprised I didn't take a lot more than I did :(
Our first stop was to visit Ben's Nana in Ft. Myers. She lives in a beautiful retirement community and our visit with her was wonderful!  The kids had so much fun touring the island and seeing some really neat things!
We haven't seen Nana since 2005 and that is just way too long!  Hopefully we can make this trip again next year!

This is the lagoon on the island.  We got to see Manatees swimming around!!  When we came home we learned that Manatees were created on Day 5, they can weigh 70lbs at birth, and have an amazing ability to heal very quickly from injuries.

Beautiful flowers everywhere!  It was so nice to take a break from the cold weather and see green grass and everything in bloom!
 We walked down to the bay and looked for dolphins, but instead had a fun time watching a pelican!

 We stopped in at the Orchid House for a bit...aren't these flowers gorgeous?

 Natalie and Nana
 We also got to watch dolphins up close!  How fun!!
 All three kids loved playing in the sand!
 Thank you so much Nana for opening your home to us!  We made many memories that we will treasure so much!

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  1. I'll tell you what...I think I want to go visit Nana! The sunshine, water, green grass and flowers are just gorgeous! I'm sure you're kids did love it!!! What a special treat to be able to see Ben's Nana while you were on vacation! I definitely think you should make it an annual trip!!!