Thursday, November 3, 2011

On My Toes

I love this little boy so much!  
He has been so very different that the other two kids.  

You never know what he'll get into next (found him with a bag of Oreos--pictured above).

Today I took the kids to a park and Mason fell about 7 feet off of a playground, landing on his arm/side.  Only by God's protection did he not break that arm, or anything else.  
After deciding that a trip to the ER would be a bit much, I rushed to the doctor's office.  
Fortunately he is fine, but going to be sore.  

Funny thing the doctor said--he's a boy and there will always be a battle between logic and hormones.  The hormones will almost always win.

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  1. Okay, that cracks me up (only because Mason is okay), but my third is a crazy silly cute little boy that has already been to the children's ER three times ~ 2 of those times he was being total boy! It both scares me to death and makes me laugh uncontrollably!!!

    I'm so glad you stopped by earlier! Thanks for your sweet note about my door transformation!!! I'm a homeschool mommy, too AND am so excited to have a new bloggy friend!

    I'm your newest follower and would LOVE to have you follow me, too on your next visit!!!

    Aimee @