Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 39

It's been 39 days of the Grace and Strength Lifestyle.
Today I hit 20lbs lost.  20.2 to be exact.

I honestly never thought I could do this, yet here I am.
  I still have rough days, but I have learned to turn to Jesus when I am weak.  I have realized how much mindless snacking I do--it's been very eye-opening for sure!

I am doing great and feeling so much better.
I have 30lbs to go and I am going to work so hard to get it off fast!

I reward myself every 10lbs off loss, and tomorrow I'm going for a massage!
I decided that 20 was a big deal so I'm doing something a little bigger.

For 10lbs I bought a new book.

At 30lbs I'll go for a pedicure.  

Not sure what I'll do for 40, but at 50
I'm going all out!!!

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