Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Anyone who knows me well, knows that I can often have some CrAzY dreams!

I have found that sleeping with my "magic sleeping machine" cuts back on the number of bizarre scenes that play out in my head each night, but for the past 4 nights I haven't used it.

On Monday night I was in an online meeting for 4 hours.  
That's a long time to be sitting in an uncomfy office chair.
*Note--get a decent office chair*
When I got up my body was so stiff and just plain hurt.
All.  Night.  Long I dreamed that I was at a rodeo and riding bulls, then playing some sort of crazy game in the fields in which everyone involved would throw themselves off of horses or 4-wheelers and into fence posts!  After a long time of doing this, someone offered to take me to the hospital b/c there was no doubt many things were broken.  Oh my goodness that was wild.

The next night I drove around for hours, totally lost in my hometown (if you know my hometown then this is hilarious in itself b/c it's not that big!).
I finally stopped at a gas station for directions, only to run over some guy's head.  
Once he got up and popped his head back into shape, he was fine--thank goodness!

I'm just glad that my mind doesn't work this way during the daytime!!!!

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