Monday, May 7, 2012

I did it!!

I am still in shock that I did it because I had no confidence that I would.
I was living a lifestyle that had become just that--my lifestyle.  
I was stuck in a vicious cycle of bad habits and emotional eating.

I was turning to food for comfort, and to be honest I just liked to eat.
A lot.

Through the Grace and Strength Program I have learned freedom from these strongholds,
 but my victory has  come only through the Grace and Strenth of Jesus.

I have had an amazing coach who walked with me through this journey.
She held my hand from afar and I am so thankful for her.
I had moments that I just knew I couldn't do this, didn't want to do it, and was ready to quit.
She encouraged me, prayed for me, and held me accountable.

I had a plan and knew that if I stuck to that plan the weight would come off, the inches would disappear, I would develop new eating habits, and my body would be clean!!

I won't lie, it's been hard.  It's also been so worth it.

For years I have known that I needed to lose weight and get healthy again.
I should have kept a list of my excuses not would be comical to go back and read them all.

I often said that "I would just die if I couldn't have sugar"
"oh, that would never work for me".

But guess what?  I DID work for me...and it will work for you!!!!!!

If you're ready...if you're tired of the excuses...if you want to get healthy and fit and look great....

What Are You Waiting For??? 
 Stop saying that you could never do it, or you don't have the willpower...
those were on my list of excuses, too.  
Let me tell you--they're bad ones.

You CAN do this and you WILL do this if you just take the step!!!!

I am so excited to announce that I have been in training to coach for the Grace and Strength Program!
I am working on building my first small group--and can't wait to see how many women I get to walk alongside on their journey!!!!  So what are you waiting for??


  1. I'm in....Love you to the core!!

  2. Go you! That takes a LOT of self-discipline, you should be really proud of your achievement, and it's great that you're using your experience to help other people. Congratulations!