Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Burned out...already?

That's how i'm feeling this week--and it's only Tuesday!
I am usually so excited to get started with school, and even though I am excited, I still feel dread.
Dirty clutter {i.e. hoarders
 *this isn't my school room.  looking at this picture makes me feel just a little better.
I have so much to do.  We are moving our school room and I had no idea how much STUFF I had gathered over the past 2 years.  Most of it will be going out the door but it's a long task to get that done.

Today i'm making small goals for myself since every time I think about what has to be done I feel myself shutting down.  That problem is another blog post in itself, so i'll save it for another day!
I have high hopes of showing pictures of our finished room on Friday.  But i'm not making any promises!!

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