Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School Room Pictures

So I thought that I was almost satisfied with our room...until I looked at these pictures.  It still looks so cluttered!  There is a lot to be finished in here as well--the trim to start!  
This was a porch that was closed in as an addition a long time ago.  When we moved in I used it as a craft/junk room...then it became a school room...then it became my Mom's room.  Until we evicted her recently and moved her to an upstairs room!
 There is quite a bit to be finished in here.  There used to be carpet (old carpet) that we ripped up.  I decided that I like the concrete floor even though it has paint splattered on it.  Why?  Because we're just going to be adding to that!  We won't have to worry about spilling or messing the floor up!  
 I also tried to keep the wall around the kids' desks a bit more plain.  I love posters but didn't want them to get too distracted.

This is standing at the door looking in.  The curtain to the right will be changed to match the one at the back (behind that one is a door).  The dry erase board on the desk isn't always there--it sits out of the way, ready for use!  Oh, and that's the teacher's pet on the floor ;)
 This is our "One Another" wall.  The crosses show how God wants us to treat each other and I've written some scripture references on there.  This is something the kids REALLY need to be working on so I think we'll be using this wall a LOT!

The picture on the left is where Wyatt and Natalie sit.  To the right is Mason's area.  Ben is going to do built-in bookshelves along this wall with built-in desks for each of the kids.  I. Can't. Wait.  For now the hodge podge desks will do.

 This is the computer corner.  The kids have been playing on here a lot and Wyatt will be doing his math lessons on here.
I have a closet that I won't show b/c it is just ugly--but does the trick!  I have some fun things for Mason that we will only pull out during school time, hopefully to keep him happy. 

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